Delivery Schedule

We operate our route on a set schedule allowing you to incorporate leaflet drops into your marketing strategy. Not only can you plan ahead, but this method has proved very successful at boosting brand awareness, as well as initial response.

GPS Tracked

January – April – July – October

|from £32
  • Trowbridge - 5,000 Area 1
  • Chippenham - 5,000 Area 1
  • Melksham - 5,000 Area 1
  • Devizes - 7,500
  • Bradford-On-Avon - 5,000
  • Bath - 5,000 Area 1
gps tracked

February – May – August – November

|from £32
  • Trowbridge - 5,000 Area 2
  • Chippenham - 5,000 Area 2
  • Melksham - 5,000 Area 2
  • Warminster - 7,500
  • Corsham - 5,000
  • Bath - 5,000 Area 2
gps tracked

march – june – september – december

|from £32
  • Trowbridge - 5,000 Area 3
  • Chippenham - 5,000 Area 3
  • Frome - 10,000
  • Calne - 7,500
  • Westbury - 5,000
  • Bath - 5,000 Area 3

Design & Print

Design – We can design leaflets, stationary, posters, banners and much more. Drop us an email for a no obligation quote.

Print – Using our numerous trade accounts and contacts in the printing industry we now offer a print brokerage service where we aim to get you the best price available for your business. Simply tell us what you need and we will do the rest, if you already have a quote send it over as we can often use this to negotiate a lower price if it’s not already cheaper.


A5 Leaflets

5,000 A5 leaflets from £57



1,000 Letterheads from £34


Business Cards

500 Business Cards from £15


Presentation Folders

200 Folders from £120


A5 Booklets

250 A5 8pp booklets from £65


Roller Banners

Roller Banners from £32


Kraft Bags

125 Kraft Bags from £132


A1 Posters

100 A1 Posters from £67


Virtual Leafleting

Virtual leafleting is our new service which aims to combine the traditional method of printed
leaflets with the modern digital world. It’s a different approach to social media management
and with potential clients actively asking which company to use, it’s not a case of finding the
clients it’s a case of getting their attention!

1 – Research your local Facebook groups and familiarise ourselves with their advertising rules.

2 – Keep up do date with new groups and remove from groups no longer getting used.

3 – Design a Facebook post optimised flyer to maximise interaction and visibility.

4 – Post digital flyer daily on Facebook groups ensuring we adhere to all group rules.

5 – Daily monitoring of "Looking For" and "Recommendation" posts by Facebook members
looking for your services and posting your digital flyer where appropriate (we recommend
having a second flyer for this with a call to action as the customer is there they just need the

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions…

Do you use tracking?

Yes we use state of the art tracking software through a third party, you will get a link at the end of each campaign which will take you directly to the tracking information.

How do we get our leaflets to you?

We have a free collection service on the last Wednesday of the month, or you can have them sent straight to us or deliver them to us any time before the deadline.

When do the leaflets need to be ready by?

Leaflets need to be ready by the last Tuesday the month prior to delivery. For example if they are due to go out in March they need to be ready for the last Tuesday in February.

This gives us time to get the leaflets ready in the rounds they go out in.

When does payment need to be made?

Payment must be made before any delivery can take place, until payment there is no guarantee on having a place on the route.

We had clients pulling out at the last minute making it too late to find another client to fill the space, we introduced this policy so we can fill the routes in order to keep the prices low.

How does payment need to be made?

Bank transfer or cash at current, cheques are NOT accepted.

What response can we expect?

There is no real answer to this as every campaign is different and there are many variables, time of year, type of business, cost of service/product, current financial climate etc.
We do say when evaluating your response take into account the life value of a client/sale ie if you are a hairdresser and you get a new client don’t just take the initial income from the first haircut for the new client, how many times a year does an average client return and how many years does an average client stay a customer for.

Do you have a minimum amount?

Our minimum amount is 5,000 on our shared routes.

Can I do specific areas and times with just my leaflet on its own?

Yes we can offer Solus distribution, as each campaign is different please contact us with your requirements. We do usually need a week or two to get Solus drops
organised. We do however promote our shared routes over Solus drops though.

You could go for a Solus campaign and do a road here and a road there or certain
estates that you think would be most responsive but leaflet distribution is about
numbers. If you wanted certain areas you could pay the higher price, this would cover
set up and additional admin time and costs OR you could pay a lower cost have a
much larger area covered which more than likely covers the areas you wanted to
cover on your Solus campaign. Many clients have been surprised on areas they have
picked up work from leafleting.
There are occasions where a company would benefit from a Solus campaign though
so drop us an email if you would like to discuss this.

How many leaflets go out on the shared routes?

The routes go out with up to 5 non conflicting leaflets, for example there will only be one estate agent or one builder per route.

How many distributors do you have?

We have 2 full time distributors and then we allocate 1 distributor per route for the larger areas like Trowbridge which cover 5,000 a month.

By keeping the distributor levels down to a select trusted few we can keep quality high. It also helps having 1 distributor per route for the larger areas as they get to know the areas well and it makes it easier to monitor. There are companies who will use a lot of distributors but this in turn takes more admin time to set a route up, more traveling time, more time spent monitoring which in turn put the price of the service up. We like to keep quality high and cost as affordable as possible.

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    JT Leaflet Distribution offers a structured and affordable leaflet distribution service. Created from 2 years of testing and adjusting and input from current and previous clients we came up with our system which is both affordable and effective, and proving very popular.