JT Leaflet Distribution has spent the last year working with clients in Wiltshire and Bath to develop our service and we are getting great results.

Leaflet distribution is a great cost-effective marketing method that works when carried out PROPERLY, the figures below from the Direct Marketing Association speak for themselves.

89% of consumers remember receiving a leaflet, more than any other marketing channel”

79% keep, pass on to a friend or glance at a leaflet they have received”

48% visited, requested more information or purchased products from a leaflet”

45% keep leaflets on a pin board or in a drawer”

Did you also know?

81% of consumers flick past press and magazine adverts”

People often say leaflet distribution didn’t work for them when actually it was not the marketing method of leaflet distribution but the company delivering it. Most leaflet distribution companies use self-employed distributors paying them around £40 per 1000 (just look on gumtree part time jobs section) this equates to around £4 per hour before fuel, tax etc, yes it takes on average 9-10 hours covering approximately 15 miles of walking to deliver 1000 leaflets PROPERLY. They simply drop the leaflets off to them with a map and let them get on with it, basically a middle man and the clients get bad or no results.

We use in house, employed distributors who wear uniforms and go out in teams with real time GPS tracking software.

We run our popular shared routes on a 3-month rota as we have found this is the optimal gap between receiving a leaflet again, yes leaflet distribution is not just about instant results but also about brand building as well, getting the consumer used to seeing your name and brand. You wouldn’t go to the gym once and expect to have instant results you need to work at it over time.

We now have clients who’s only method of marketing is our leaflet distribution service due to great results and most of our clients are repeat customers. We can give you references from clients and some previous campaign feedback, we have clients who are happy to speak to anyone who wants an unbiased opinion. Below are just some of our google reviews, google us to see more.

Spot on service and really liked the gps updates to see what areas had been done. Competitive price, quick to start and certainly worked hard and got them out. It was really nice to deal with someone who cared! They did the smaller villages that other company’s weren’t interested in. Can recommend JT leaflet Distribution highly enough.”

Jamie and co have just delivered ~2,500 leaflets for me in Westbury in only 2 days; covering over 40 miles! Great service and value and really nifty tracking software to see how they’re getting on! Thanks again.”

If you are looking for Reliable and Trustworthy leaflet distribution, I would recommend these guys 100%. I started my own business recently – and have worked with them from the start. I see them as part of my team. If you have any questions or concerns, they will discuss a plan that suits you. Other services I looked into were more expensive, and didn’t offer half the benefits that these guys do. Great Company.”